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Property Management Services

Consist of regular visits to the home, average 2 times per month.

Basic service includes:

  • Visual inspection of home and property on a regular basis (average 2 xs per month)
  • All of the services listed under Home Minding package
  • Represent owner in absence
  • Emergency contact
  • Pay utility bills, and other regular monthly expenses
  • Arrange and oversee necessary property maintenance, repairs, etc.
  • Arrange cleaning services prior to arrival, and after departure of owners
  • Air out and ventilate home monthly
  • Arrange and supervise misc. services (services to be agreed upon) such as pool, gardening, household supplies etc.
  • Contact owner for any out of the ordinary expenses, and repairs
  • Additional services upon request
  • Discounted commission rate of 15% on all rentals (see rental services for complete details)
Basic property management service for a single home $185.00 per month excluding 3% BBO tax. Rates may vary depending on full list of services and size of residence. Property management services require a minimum 6 month contract.