Buying a Home in Aruba

Reasons to buy property in paradise

Buying a second home in another country is not something to jump into without some research, and  much thought. When considering an island destination for a second home, investment, or retirement there are many things to consider such as weather, accessibility, safety, language, cost of living, infrastructure,  and stability of government. In all of these areas Aruba rates very high and compares favorably to most Caribbean islands.

Aruba has one of the most modern airports in the Caribbean with a US customs port and extensive numbers of direct flights from the USA, Europe, Canada, South America and other Caribbean islands.

Aruba sits outside of the hurricane belt with sunshine and trade winds year round making it a perfect destination for vacationers winter, spring summer and fall.

Aruba is a melting pot of cultures. The Aruban people are welcoming and friendly. Pappiamento is the native language but most people speak 2 or more languages including Dutch and English. 

Aruba is a small and safe island where guests feel free to explore and walk around freely without fear. There is no need to be being confined to an all inclusive, gated property as with some other island destinations.  

FAQ Buying property in Aruba for non-residents:


Q.: Can an American/Canadian/ European citizen buy property in Aruba?

A.: Yes, there are no restrictions for foreigners on buying property in Aruba.

Q.: How much time can I spend in Aruba as a homeowner?

A.: Homeowners can spend 180 days of the calendar year in Aruba without residency or additional permits.


Q.: Is it possible to retire in Aruba?

A.: yes, with the proper permit. If you plan to live in Aruba as a pensioner or retiree please contact DIMAS

Q.: How do I go about finding a reputable realtor and a house?

A.: Aruba does not have an “official” MLS system, however the AAR (association of Aruba realtors) was established in 2012 and consists of only full time realtors working under the same guidelines, rules and regulations. Aruba Home Minders is an active member of the AAR and works closely with all of it’s members. We can assist you with contacting other agents to view properties on your behalf. Let us know your “wish list”, budget, desired location etc & we will do the rest. If you see a sign or property on the internet that you may be interested in let us know and we can get additional information for you. Aruba Home Minders specializes in 2nd home ownership, and vacation rental properties.

Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!